Alan Aiken
Having honed an acute sense of timing and composition during his early photography career, Alan has spent recent years specialising in architectural photography; interior and exterior; residential and commercial.
Whilst based in London he accepts commissions across the southeast. His clients include interior designers, developers, corporates, estate and marketing agencies. His work has been featured in various UK publications. Combining his previous long term experience using traditional film with an extensive understanding of the digital and post-production process, he strives to produce images that are an ideal blend of technicality, creativity and elegance.
Eliana Sánchez, Director of Communications
Holding a degree in art and a double degree in public and institutional relations, Eliana has experience working in the field of communications for private, public and personal clients. She also has a passionate interest in the arts and architecture.
Alan and Eliana work as a unit where the service continues after the final production process, so they can better understand their clients' current and future requirements. Their goal is to exceed their customers’ expectations through accurate, personalized and fast service, based on their belief that the foundation of a professional relationship is created through mutual understanding.
We hope you enjoy viewing our portfolio and welcome the opportunity to discuss any project requirements with you.
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